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Developing videogames is a complicated process that can take up thousands, if not tens of thousands of man hours and millions of dollars. If there is a problem, letting it fester can mean missed milestones and going over budget. Pickle King regularly summons its network of production talent to help games get where they need to be. Examples of situations where we can help: Mo-cap / cutscene production, music licensing / production, script writing, QA and testing, handset porting (mobile), reviews and feedback from seasoned freelance videogame journalists

Often times, developers, IP owners and publishers come to us for a "gut check." We spend a lot of time helping people talk through ideas, acting as a sounding board to confirm (or deny) someone's intuitions. We provide honest, thoughtful and analytical feedback that has helped several Fortune 500 companies navigate the interactive space. The team at PKP can be a great place to share your concepts and ideas (under NDA of course) before you spend any money.