In Ninjatown: Trees of Doom!, the player is a Wee Ninja who must impress his wise mentor Ol’ Master Ninja by running straight up a pair of towering trees, jumping between the two to avoid treacherous hazards.

The trees become more deadly as the Wee Ninja ascends – watch out for slippery patches, untouchable Dark Syrup, Deadly Swarms, and demonic enemies like Flying Devils, Syrup Devils, and spear-wielding Tribal Devils. Oh, there is also a live volcano spewing lava balls nearby! On the bright side, you can launch upwards by using flexible branches like catapults and there are power ups galore, including the ability to hitch a ride up the tree on the flying mucho macho Moustachio.

To show off ninja pride, the game has integrated Plus+ technology for global leaderboards and awards, and also includes Facebook and Twitter support for players to share their progress with friends and followers.


ninjatown: trees of doom





"Don’t let the cutie-pie exterior fool you — Ninjatown is a gamer’s game through and through."

Score: 9 / 10 - Game Informer

"(Ninjatown) avoids the curse of most licensed games and ends up being a great little portable title."

Score: 8.7 / 10 (Editor's Choice Award) - IGN

"A very solid strategy game… Ninjatown's layered in a coating of sickly sweetness that no amount of scrubbing will ever get out of your DS slot."

Score: B+ - 1up

"Ninjatown is bursting with charm and personality and it's found the perfect fit on a system that is just as original and unique…it's brimming with personality."

Score: 4 / 5 - GamePro

"If you love strategy games, forget about everything else and just play it… A must-have for strategy game fans everywhere."

Score: 9 / 10 - GameZone




Ninjatown is a Nintendo DS game that was released on October 28, 2008 to critical acclaim and strong sales. Based on the popular Shawnimals'brand of designer toys, Pickle King matched the IP with a top notch Producer (Jeremy Pope, ex-Producer of GTA3 and Max Payne 2) and a great up and coming developer (Venan ). PKP also sourced the cutscene production studio (Peskimo) and the music composer (Drifting in Silence). This complete package with pitched to Southpeak Games, who signed it on the spot. The game was developed in 9 months, staying on every milestone.